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Tifa Lockhart

Tifa is one of the members of AVALANCE, and childhood friend of Cloud Strife. She uses her fists and feet for weapons as a martial artist studied in the art of Zangan-Ryu. Her hair is long and dark brown, with brown eyes and large breasts. Tifa is 5'5", with measurements of 36-24-35" and a miniskirt.

During the development of Final Fantasy VII, it was decided that having two heroines would be unique in the Final Fantasy series, and help create further conflict for the storyline. Cloud seems to be torn between Aeris and Tifa at the beginning of the game, and the player is often given the ability to show a preference between the two.

Tifa and Cloud had been longtime friends, but eventually with Cloud's desire to move to Midgar and become a SOLDIER they did not immediately grow closer than friends, even though his ultimate goal was to be able to protect and impress her.

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