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Sephiroth and Aeris:

Aeris is the true last remaining Cetra, the original people that inhabited and communicated with the planet Gaia. Having grown up most of her life in Midgar slums, she has become skilled in evading the Shinra corporation and using a staff as a weapon. Her mother, Ifalna, was one of the last remaining cetra when discovered by Shinra, but she managed to escape with her daughter all the way to Midgar. Ifalna dies of injuries she sustained during the escape, giving up Aeris to the care of Elmyra Gainsborough.

Cloud first meets her as she tries to escape the clutches of the Turks, who are chasing her because the Shinra corporation wants to research her. He protects her from her pursuers as her bodyguard. She happens to have been in love with Cloud's deceased friend, Zack, and the fact that they look alike may have made her especially friendly to him.

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