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Aeris Vs. Sephiroth

There has been discussion on who is the best, Sephiroth, with his mighty sword and godly powers, or Aeris with her spiritual abilities and holy materia. Although Aeris is able to summon Holy with the white materia, Sephiroth's black materia ultimately reveals the strongest power.

Aeris is a young woman from the Midgar slums who earns extra money on the side from selling flowers, profiting especially on her looks when selling. Aeris sells flowers, often to lonely men at very high prices: though most of them buy flowers just for the opportunity to chat with her.
Sephiroth is a FIRST CLASS SOLDIER of the Shin-Ra Electric Power Company, who becomes a hero after winning crucial victories for the Shin-Ra corporation. Sephiroth is hailed worldwide as an inspirational figure, compared to Aeris who is barely known to anyone.

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